The Bishan Gari Water Purifier

Bishan Gari water purifier is a product certified by both the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ethiopian Food Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority (FMHACA). The FMHACA toxicology report and MOH certification here available for download. In addition, you can find our full brochure here.

The advantages of Bishan Gari Water Purifier

  • Expect consistent protection from bacteria, viruses, giardia cysts when used as directed
  • Reduces cloudiness/turbidity
  • Simple to use
  • The product is priced low to maximize access to clean, safe, drinking water
  • It increases safe drinking water coverage in countries plagued with contaminated water
  • Treated water can be used for over 48 hours

Access to Safe Potable Water in Ethiopia
The coverage of safe potable water in several countries is very small. This is also true in Ethiopia. In fact most of Ethiopia’s countryside residents drink water obtained from rivers, ponds, lakes and wells, which are not sources for safe potable water. Implementation of water treatment technology at the household level helps to provide safe, clean and clear drinking water. That is why Bishan Gari water purifier was created; it essentially eliminates diarrhea and other waterborne related diseases, which lead to deaths. Thus having access to clean and safe drinking water significantly increases the socio-economic development of the country as a whole.

Throughout the world many people drink contaminated water. No single solution is likely to be suitable for all demographic settings. Several studies show that flocculent-disinfectants provide water that is cleaner and reduces the risk of diarrhea among people. In particular, children benefit most from the implementation of such a measure. In this case, Bishan Gari water purifier cleans water up to 99.9%. In short, Bishan Gari water purifier eliminates the risk of diarrhea, water born related diseases and the deaths that result from water born diseases everywhere there is no access to safe drinking water.

Major Sources of Contamination

There are two major sources of contamination, microbial pathogens and suspended matter.

Pathogens: microbial contamination of water occurs when human and animal feces matter comes into contact with drinking water sources (such as rivers, lakes, ponds, or ground water wells). As a result, people who drink this contaminated water have large occurrences of diarrhea in these areas. Since diarrhea is a central symptom of gastro-intestinal infections, many water borne illnesses are referred to as diarrhea diseases. The following are the most common causes for these diarrhea diseases:
– Bacteria – primarily of the coli form family (e.g. E.Coli, Salmonella and shigella).
– Protozoan Parasites (e.g. Giardia and Cryptosporidium),
– Viruses (e.g. Norwalk and rotavirus).

Suspended Matter: A suspended solid material (varying combinations of sediment – mud and organic matter) common in contaminated water sources. Depending on the source, these suspended solid particles can create health risks and generate unpleasant tastes and odors. Contaminated rivers, lakes, ponds, and wells are frequently “turbid” or loaded with high suspended matter load

Bishan Gari Water Purifier for Household Level Water Treatment

The conventional way of treating household water is by having a centralized water treatment facility. Doing so has high costs of infrastructure development both for the treatment plant and the distribution pipe lines.Furthermore, such water treatment facilities/plants are found to be inefficient in providing safe drinking water in non- hygienic areas due to contamination’s of pipes and mismanagement at point of use. But, household level water treatment using combined flocculent-disinfectant water treatment chemicals such as Bishan Gari water purifier, which has a powerful mixture that removes pathogenic microorganisms and suspended matter is simple, practical and affordable.
Combined flocculent-disinfectant powder mixtures contain a chlorine disinfectant (calcium hypochlorite) for killing bacteria and certain viruses and a coagulant Ferric Sulphate for reducing turbidity and microbial loads such as protozoa, bacteria and viruses. All ingredients used in combined flocculent-disinfectant are used for purifying water in treatment plants all over the world. Bishan Gari water purifier is a flocculent-disinfectant and fulfills all of these criteria.



Bishan Gari Chemical Makeup

Each Bishan Gari Sachet contains a mixture of aluminum sulphate,calcium hypochlorite and Ferric Sulphate in a 2.1 and 2.2 gm sachet.

Bishan Gari Method of Raw Water Treatment

All of this information is also available on the sachets.

  • Add 20 liters of raw water into a bucket
  • Open the sachet and add the contents of the sachet into the bucket.
  • Stir rapidly with a stick for 2 minutes and then stir slowly for an additional 3-5 minutes
  • Wait for 30 minutes until the flocks settle and all the germs die, the longer the detention time the clearer the treated water
  • Strain the water through a thick cotton cloth into a safe water storage container and then bury the settled substances (I.E: sludge)
  • The water is finally ready for consumption. The treated water can be used until finished – make sure to store in a safe water container

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